Cotiella Peak | Hotel Los Nogales
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Cotiella Peak

Pico Cotiella (Huesca) - Pirineo Aragonés
Cotiella, Nature
About This Project

Cotiella is a calcareous mountain range of the Aragón Pyrenees. This is also the name highest peak of the range, with 2912 meters AMSL. Other important peaks are the Punta de Armeña (2822 meters AMSL), the Punta de Neiss (2751 meters AMSL) or the Cotielleta (2731 meters AMSL). Although it doesn’t reach 3000 meters of height, the relative isolation of the Cotiella peak turns it into a colossal mountain in the area and provides wonderful views from its top. In clear days, the mountain can be seen from the city of Lleida.